Lingam Gazing and Meditation

topic posted Tue, July 8, 2008 - 11:01 AM by  monk
I was reading some posts by people who practice yoni gazing and meditation and found it quite inspiring. I've been seeking new ways to explore and honor my penis and want to discover ways to practice this. If anyone out there has experience with lingam gazing or meditation on their penis, I'd love to hear about your practices or thoughts on how to prepare for and practice my ritual. One post suggested that men journey into their penises, like walking into a tunnel. What should one meditate on when one is inside the tunnel of his penis? How does one visualize to prepare for a journey into the penis? When is it appropriate to touch the penis during the gazing or meditation, and how should this be done? This is all part of my search for tools and resources to prepare a guided masturbation meditation. Hope to hear from many of you.
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    Wed, July 9, 2008 - 10:24 PM
    I'm not sure if this directly answers your question, but I have watched myself masturbate using a mirror. Pulled a comfy chair up close to a full length mirror and took my time stroking and exploring my body. It was a very interesting experience that I highly recommend. Like you I have been trying to wrap my head around the practical side of Phallic worship.
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    Fri, July 11, 2008 - 6:41 AM
    Monk, this text is also in the files section of mm4m over on Yahoo. Maybe it speaks to you; or maybe it's a lot wordier than what you need.

    A Ritual of Thanksgiving

    Creator, your dance made the universe,
    the planet upon which we walk,
    the creatures with whom we interact,
    and our beautiful bodies.
    For these we give you thanks.
    Lord Shiva,
    you gave us these wonderful penises,
    these organs which connect us with our sacred brothers:
    brothers who have joined the earth,
    brothers who walk today,
    and brothers yet unborn.
    For these we give you thanks.
    Lord, you dance in all your creation.
    Your dance is part of us, and
    Ours part of you.
    Every cell, muscle, and organ
    Contains a part of you.
    We are so grateful that we carry the seed of your creation
    Between our legs.
    Creator, let us feel the blessedness of your presence.
    Lord Shiva, as our penises reach toward the sky
    We connect with you in a way that we do
    At no other time.
    Lord Shiva, as we anoint ourselves with holy oil,
    Let us reflect your glory.
    As we caress our tender bodies, let us know that it is
    Your hands that warm our parts, that loosen our muscles,
    That bring pleasure closer.
    Lord, we praise your love of ourselves and our bodies.
    Creator, heaven is to feel the joy of your presence.
    Heaven is in us.
    All we have to do is reach for it.
    As we begin to bring ourselves closer to heaven,
    Bless our hands, bless our nipples,
    Bless our rosebuds, bless our testicles,
    Bless our sacred penises.
    We are blessed.
    Lord Shiva, as we tenderly caress our most sacred part,
    Open us to your presence.
    Lord Shiva, bring us the pleasure and joy that you intend for us.
    Help us to live in each moment, savoring what we are receiving,
    Extending our sense of your presence.
    Lord, you are with us, and we are thankful.
    Creator, connect us with each other, in the mystical brotherhood of all men.
    Connect us with the mystical web of being that surrounds us.
    Let us feel the glory of these connections in our penises and
    Throughout our holy bodies.
    Help us to feel the pleasure and joy received by so many before us,
    So many who are with us, and so many who are to be.
    Most of all, creator, help us through your mysteries to bring our joy and
    Pleasure to the ones who are and were denied it.
    Creator, we bless you for these mysteries.
    Lord Shiva, teach us how to use our hands and bodies, our breath
    And our being to honor our penises, and through them all creation.
    Teach us the sacredness of bliss and intentional joy, bring us
    Ever closer to you as we continue our worship.
    Lord, we thank you for our pleasure.
    Lord, when we end this ritual, keep us in perpetual remembrance
    Of its joy and pleasure.
    Let us carry it in our hearts, our souls, our minds from this day forth.
    This is what you intend for us, for we are blessed.

    By Michael Gilbertson
    Originally posted on MM4M on 4 February 2003.
    Revised 6 June 2003, 28 June 2003, 2 July 2003, 9 July 2003.
    Reposted on MM4M 9 Jul 2003
    Permission is hereby granted for anyone anywhere at any time to use, modify, or otherwise celebrate this ritual. Permission is granted to publish this ritual, provided only that the authorship of the ritual is included in the publication.
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    Sun, August 3, 2008 - 7:08 PM
    well this is something I did many years ago. Try being your penis itself. begin meditating and get your body to the place that you are a giant phallus. Begin rubbing, stroking pleasuring your entire body as a dick. and breathe and continue as long as you can. I found that I would get really high rubbing the top of my head. don't forget your own cock but include the rest of your body and maintain a meditative state.
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    Sat, March 14, 2009 - 5:54 AM
    i'm new in this group and wanted to say hello from the himalayas to everyone on this path. my practice has been primarily in jivantalingapuja. here is a link to a puja

    Jivantalingapuja – Worship of the Living Lingam

    This is an outline, using tantric principles, for a sexual puja employing fellatio. This ‘rite’ may be performed externally – which is to say, with a magical partner, or internally – wherein the other participant is unaware of the ‘magical’ elements of the act. This is contrary to those texts which avow that acts of sexual magic may only legitimately take place between consenting ‘magical partners’. This is a matter of taste and personal preference. There is a lot of gushing in the magical community about the ‘dangers’ of performing sexual magic with someone who is unaware of the magical dimension of the act. I can only say to this that I’ve been ‘used’ in this way by both male and female partners without being aware that they were using me to power or receive a sex-magical intention and it’s not a matter that worries me.

    Salutation to Ganesha

    A salutation to Ganesha, whom Shiva decreed should be worshipped prior to the beginning of any auspicious act, is made. This is also appropriate as Ganesha is the guardian or doorkeeper of the Muladhara Chakra. The penis, (particularly if flaccid), may be adored as Ganesha’s trunk.

    Om, I salute the Lord of the Twisted Trunk
    Om Ganapati Namah

    Bathing the Phallus

    Bathing the phallus is a ritual act of purification, preparing it to become the vehicle of the indwelling deity. This may be done as a ritual oblation or by tongue-bathing.


    Nyasa (placing) is the ritual act of identifying the body (or part, in this case) with the indwelling deity. Again this may be done ritually, or silently, through massage and stroking.

    Om, I salute Shiva in the balls
    Na, I salute Shiva in the root
    Ma, I salute Shiva in the shaft
    Shi, I salute Shiva in the crown
    Va, I salute Shiva in the tip
    Ya, I salute Shiva in the eye

    Invoking the Deity

    Invoking the chosen deity (i.e. Shiva) into the vessel is traditionally performed by the practitioner identifying with the deity through internal meditation and then externalising the indwelling deity into the vessel via the breath. Here, it may be appropriate to identify oneself with Agni (see above) before simultaneously breathing onto and stroking the penis so that it becomes a vessel for divinity.

    Adoring the Lingam

    Having installed the deity into the penis, it may now be adored. One may choose to use the delightful prose of the tantras or something more contemporary, depending on circumstances. Some partners might be somewhat alarmed to hear their cock described as "shining with the light of ten thousand suns."

    Superior Coition

    The Kama Sutra describes the ‘eight ways’ of performing fellatio:


    Clasping the penis with one hand, bringing the lips close, rounding them over the mast, whilst pressing, releasing and shaking.

    Nibbling the sides

    Covering the end of the penis with one hand, pressing the lips to the sides and nibbling slightly at the same time.

    External Pinching

    Bringing his lips close to the penis, he presses the mast and kisses it whilst sucking. When the sex has been stimulated by being nibbled along the sides, he himself, excited at the first contact with his lips, lets the end of the penis penetrate into his mouth, pressing it and sucking and, having bared it, he releases it.

    Internal Pinching

    On request, he then lets the penis penetrate further, and, pressing it between his lips, causes an ejaculation.

    The Kiss

    Encircling the penis with his hand instead of his lips, he kisses it. Let the tip of the tongue wander and titillate the meatus opening, cleaning it carefully. This is called polishing.


    Having done this, with the tip of the tongue, licking the mast all over and titillating the opening, is known as browsing.

    Sucking the Mango

    Having bared the mast, pressing the organ hard, passionately, whilst half inside, and sucking whilst pressing, is known as sucking the mango.


    Having understood the man’s desire and in order to satisfy his wish to come, he makes him ejaculate by the pressure of his tongue until the sperm gushes out.

    Consuming the Soma

    Assuming one wishes to do this, the divine essence may be held in the mouth whilst one meditates on the force of Shiva, before being swallowed or shared. Alternatively, a spunk-filled condom can be retained for later burial or use in anointing. Also, as Katon Shual has pointed out, dried semen can be burnt, and the ashes imbided safely.

    The physical act may be accompanied by appropriate visualisation – for example, if one is taking on the role of Agni, then the heat of one’s desire may be visualised and felt as burning away the ‘impurities’ of the body or the ‘kleshas’ (knots) which prevent spontaneity.

    The puja may be closed ritually, or simply with a ‘hmmm’ (Aum) of satisfaction.

    The duration of this puja is dependent on time and circumstances. In it’s external form, it could be quite a lengthy exercise. The practised adept however, may perform the internal rite quickly, using whatever opportunities are presented to him.
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    Wed, October 7, 2009 - 3:40 PM
    Meditating on the phallus and the sperm (milky way) of the cosmos is transforming. I prefer to sit without words, facing another man who is also meditating on the firm cock. The edging practice can be intensified for several hours until an ecstasy is achieved that lights up the entire body in brotherly manly love.
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    Wed, October 7, 2009 - 4:04 PM
    Beautiful heart rending statues on your gallery.
    Those gods and demi gods are my inspiration.
    The sublime beauty of the phallus is a transcending power.
    The brotherhood is growing, and shameless, guiltfree males are beginning to celebrate their godly lingams and their sacred chrism/cum.

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