Watching another man pleasure himself.

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Anyone else here enjoy watching another man masturbate and masturbating with him?

I like it because you can learn new ways to do it yourself and it's even better if you are kissing and exploring each other's bodies with your hands and touching each other's nipples.

While I have masturbated this way with women, and had sex with women, I prefer doing masturbating with men because I instinctively KNOW a man's body, his penis, and how certain touches/stimulations will cause a man to get pleasure better than I know a woman's body.

I like gay porns where the sex is masturbatory and oral between two men and I even enjoy solo amateur jack off videos where they feature normal everyday men like the type you would see walking around in public or men who aren't your typical Abercrombie/Ken doll clone type of man with that body type that you often see in lots of gay, and now hetero and bisexual porn.
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    Yes that's exactly the sort of stuff I like too, and I think a lot more men would enjoy it if they could get past the sense of taboo and the phoney gender issues that surround same sex contact.
    I have a friend who's genuinely predominantly straight but he really enjoys porn featuring men jacking off together, or solo, and also enjoys mutual masturbation. But that's as far as he's prepared to kissing, no oral, no 'making love'. Which is fine by me. Seems to me that the way of it is to enjoy contact with someone in whatever way they feel comfortable with, rather than trying to put too many demands on them.
    O yes...and I agree about the amateur type porn with 'ordinary' looking guys being much hotter than the more professional stuff with guys who look rather like show room dummies with the featurless perfection of their bodies.
  • i do enjoy masturbating with others, and like you mentioned, we can learn so much about different kinds of touch,as every man touches his cock differently, and pleasures himself in different ways.
    Mutual masturbation to me is a form of making love... sharing in deep pleasure. unfortunately its hard to find others who are open to exploring this mutual self pleasuring. One of the things i love to observe with other men, is their arousel and how there body changes and reacts to certain touch and visual stimulation of wathing another self pleasure.
    sharing this with your typical ordinary man is ideal,,, as i love all body types, and enjoy watching others stimulate and please themselves in masturbation....
    • I Totally agree with you that mutual masturbation between two males is an amazing form of lovemaking.
      and to watch his body language as you bring him to orgasm as he does you is out of this world.
      The feeling of strenghth in his shaft as his semen shoots is tremendous. I think my own orgasm is brought to fruition
      not only by him masturbating me but also by the feelings generated by his Shaft in my hand

      Pleasure received by pleasure given I think.
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    I also like it because it is like a man is sharing one of his most personal moments with you, and you are doing this with him.

    Also it is sexy to watch how another person's body reacts to orgasm and how sometimes a guy will involuntarily move and how his penis expels semen from it.

    I once had sex and masturbated with a guy that growled like a wolf as he came and while I did want to eat the semen that was on his furry body I did not do this since it's not safe and I didn't know him that well.

    What are some of the experiences that you guys have had?
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      In contrast to guys who growl like wolves (or whatever) there are ones who don't make much fuss at all. But you can sense that things are quietly building up ready for an eruption. There are signs: the skin covered in a film of sweat, the erotic odour that the armpits give off when the body is really aroused. Once when I was wanking a guy off I was beginning to have doubts, and my arm was getting tired, so I paused for a moment, but he calmly said 'go on', and a few seconds later a huge wad shot up and landed with a splat on his stomach. Beautiful.
      Personally I prefer to have a smoke or whatever, get off my face and really go for it.
      • Watching another mans arousel is beautiful to witness and share..... as is the odour that the armpits give off when the body becomes highly aroused, its a scent that really drives me crazy and i find very erotic and sexy....too bad we cant experience our solo practice all together and share our arousel amung each other......
  • Ever since I was a kid I've been a big fan of sharing masturbation sessions with other guys because I really enjoy watching a guy pleasure himself but I had a very interesting shared session a while ago.
    This was with a guy who was probably in his late 60's. Rather than just watching each other we were taking turns masturbating the other. For around 20 minutes at a time one of us would stroke the other while the guy being stroked would do nothing more than just enjoy the sensations. The main aim of this was to experience the difference in each others technique. There was no intentions of either of us to cum or make the other cum, just simply to enjoy the feeling of being masturbated by someone else. I really enjoyed it and was glad neither of us was in any hurry to have an orgasm.
    I hope I get to have more sessions like that.

    • Aussie,
      Your session of shared masturbation sounds quite sensual and so inviting. this is something that i would absolutely love to share with another with similar intentions of not cumming, but rather to be able to lose myself in the others touch, and to be able to offer that in return.
      We all stroke so differently, and its nice when we feel another style of touch, that really awakens all the wonderful sensations that we may not have been aware of, or incorporated into our own masculine practice of self pleasure. Its nice to hear of your exchange with this man.
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    Hey Newt, Wish we could get a mindful masturbation group together in the greater Philly area. Even if it wasn't a regular thing, I think it'd be so great to get a group of guys together, strip down, talk about masturbation, maybe a group masturbation session or somehow each man taking a turn to masturbate some for the group, and overall share and discuss our thoughts and experiences. It'd be a great "workshop" to just openly be able to talk about and explore masturbation. If you know of any others in the area, I'm certainly game!!
    • I wish for this too. It would be a pilgrimage of sorts. Spend weeks before in preparation, masturbating to the edge, but never crossing. The extreme state of arousal would be magical one we arrived at our destination. This would me so amazing.
  • I think it is the sexiest thing to watch anothe guy jack off and cum. makes me crazy... love to watch other guys pleasure their cocks and balls and ass. Always makes me shoot a huge load when I am cumming with another guy....
    • WOW, guys! What a great thread of posts here!!! I (the creator of this tribe) have been neglecting this group, busy creating some new MM4M DVDs & had not seen this all this time. I have a Yahoo group & it appear Yahoo may be in "explicit" meltdown . . . so I'm inviting my members to join here.

      Among the features of the enw DVDs will be encouragement for men to observe one another masturbating & mutual masturbation--both of which I feel are beneficial to ALL men, as such barriers dissolve . . .

      Thanks for this thread guys & we may see more activity resuming her!?

      Peace & Namaste,
      • New to this group but a member of Bruce's Yahoo group, and still a youngster as far as M2M - can't even recall fantasizing homoerotic activity prior to age 40 (but DEFINITELY turned on to it since Y2K!). The arousal potential of sexual communion with another adult masculine human is in the relative ease of more completely identifying with your partner - your common maleness allows an intimate sharing of sensual pleasure which is MORE than additive. It is also much more than just physical, just as even the rawest sex (to me meaning aggressive, vigorous, masculine, perhaps nasty and kinky, yet clean and not raunchy, demeaning, funky or unsafe) is in essence a spiritual and mental trip into ecstasy. The shared nature of sexual congress and enjoyment is what makes it exciting. To me, taking an active role in pleasuring a mate and causing that person to relinquish to me access to his real person (even if it's only watching and encouraging - but so much better when I can participate even more fully) is every bit as exciting as receiving direct stimulation of my own genitals.
        - rip
  • Like most of you, I enjoy seeing another man pleasuring himself. Its enjoyable on film too, but almost always more exciting in person. About ten years ago I was regularly having sex with a man in Chicago and we often spent much of our time masturbating each other, and for each other. He told me he had never met another man who could bring him to orgasm manually, but after we had a few experiences together, he was shooting all over the bed.

    Some of the best times I've had at bathhouses have been circle jerks. The best one was at the Unicorn Club in Chicago (now Steamworks). It was about 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I was in the movie area, jacking. Soon a few guys joined me and got naked and masturbated too. Soon there were about twenty men, naked, slowly stroking themselves. It was incredibly erotic to see men of different ages and body types enjoying our sexuality together. By this time no one cared about the movie. What I realized in this experience is that when men gather together naked and unashamed, the sexual energy seems to multiply, not just add up.
    • >What I realized in this experience is that when men gather together naked and unashamed, the sexual energy seems to multiply, not just add >up

      Yes it's like you feed off each other's horniness. That's one of the fantastic aspects of sharing a masturbation session with one or more other guys.
  • I learned how to masturbate with a group of friends. We got together after school and jacked off ourselves then it progressed to each other. Watching men to do this is more of a turn on for me than intercourse between men. That's not to say that gay sex doesn't interest me.
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    I've wanted to jerk off another guy or vise versa but why such a stigma over having a big cock.
    Its stuck in my head I need a bigger size. Guess I'll still do it alone for a while longer till I get over it
  • For me, there are three seperate things going on - one, I enjoy watching another man enjoying himself, especially when he's really into it, edging, doing it for his own pleasure; maybe why X-tube is so popular, you know the guy is doing it for himself, not because "the guy with the camera is paying me".
    Second, my own response to another male's sexual response - not defensive or territorial, but aroused and wanting to join the fun. Third, masturbating another guy: I'm doing it for his happiness, but also for mine, which makes me want to increase his enjoyment, which increases mine and... well, before this goes TOO far...
    One of my favorite things is to stand us both before a mirror and, standing behind him, work my hands over his body as we both watch.
  • I do like watching other men jerkoff. It is a turn on for me because... I see them enjoying themself and I want to do that also...the sight of another penis turns me on.... Men just know how to do it better than women. Being beside another man and we are jerking is about as good as it gets for the feeling of pleasure. Women are fun, but jerking with a friend is the best fun.
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    I had a great experience I'd like to share here. I was recently on a road trip and visiting with various friends as well as a few online acquaintances of mine across the country. I was hanging out with this nudist friend i"ve chatted with online for quite a while, but this was the first time we actually met face to face. We were naked and just talking for several hours. The conversation eventually came around to masturbation and quick to MINDFUL MASTURBATION.....he knew exactly what I was talking about, even had some of the mindful masturbation videos on his laptop. So we watched them, continued to talk, etc. and eventually got to where we each sat back and watched the other one masturbate. It was really wonderful. It was funt to watch but also giving each other feedback and encouragement, ideas, etc. It was a really WONDERFUL evening! We even talked about the possibility of trying to put together men's masturbation workshops and/or groups to do exactly what we had done that evening. I bet some of the guys in this group would enjoy that kind of a workshop and opportunity. Thoughts??
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      I had a buddy that I watched and he would watch me. We took turns and sometimes lent a hand with each other. Legs wrapped together facing each other while one watched and the other JOed. Awesome times.
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    Love it, especially in person!
    • masturbation with a mate is bliss when there is merger of my arousal in yours and your arousal in mine constantly feeding off each other becoming lost in my genitals or are they your genitals no confusion yet you too are lost in mine and yours and there is no division between the two ecstasy comes as our pleasure is merged with that of every brother and our pleasure takes over and controls us and we are pure and feel only bliss and love
      - rip
  • i was married for 17 yrs and for the first 11 my ex-wife couldn't cum with me inside her some I'd masturbate her, one time she came 12 times in a row. She slept for a day afterwords, women are so lucky that way. I've masturbated 18 times in one day before and I was in my 40's and I still can masturbate 5 or 6 times a day if I want to, but mostly it's just once or twice. I haven't had sex with any other women except her, I totally prefer men. Sometimes though I think sex is better with women. Even I've been in a couple long term relationships with men, but only one 4 month relationship with an Asian guy was the best best sex since being with my ex-wife. That was 15 yrs ago. I HAD some good sex with my last male partner, but sex was more about him than me. I didn't really care, I could always masturbate later...
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    Have always enjoyed watching guys wank. Although nowadays it is mainly onlne.
    But in my late teens i was lucky enough to have a wanking mate. The feel of another guy holding your cock is still amasing. Then when your wanking a guy and hes about to cum and feel his cock jerk. mmmmmmm
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    It is so great to hear how much you clearly love to masturbate and there is nothing better than watching someone else masturbate or sharing your masturbation with someone, be that in person or online.

    The beauty of masturbation is that all men can enjoy it and get pleasure from it.
  • Watching another man pleasure himself is a huge turn-on. I like videos of real-looking men pleasuring themselves and each other. I love being masturbated by another man, and masturbating him. It's a tremendously erotic and primal experience. This is my favorite type of sex!
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    As part of my male counseling service, I offer a witness to masturbation service. Many men like to be watched and or learn tips to improve from another man. I can be nude with them or clothed, its all about the witness. I enjoy seeing and helping others get all the pleasure they can from their body.
  • Who cannot love it?! I often meet up with a mate for an all day bate session. We usually find a nice secluded spot in the aussie bush and spend the day watching each other stroke our hard cocks, talking dirty, encouraging each other, sitting balls to balls and stroking each other's cock. We'll have days when we just stroke and edge the whole time or days when we just want to pump out as many loads as we can. Nothing more primal and erotic then being naked outdoors with a another guy and doing what comes naturally.
  • Great posting Newt. I am a married guy, that is totally into porn from the prospective of watching people express themselves. I think it is the most intimate aspect of a person to be able to express thmeselves and let someone watch me. Watching another man that choses to be honest about the experience with any fears is an amazing experience. Hit me up sometime,

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